Yearplan 2019

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The vision of Pro-Practicum School (LSEN) is to holistically educate all learners in the school to their optimum potential.


The mission of Pro-Practicum School is to ensure:

  • The application of Christian educational norms and values with regard to religious diversity
  • Quality education through continuous staff development
  • The maintaining of a supportive partnership between all stakeholders
  • The creating and maintaining of a disciplined and safe educational environment for optimal performance.
  • Active participation in extra curricular activities
  • Development of potential leaders
  • Property and assets of the school to maintain and supplement
  • Transparent management and professional relationships with all role-players


This school’s slogan is LOYALTY.

It is expected of each one to display loyalty to himself/herself, the Creator, the society and community within which he/she functions and the school.

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (Oxford University Press: 1995) enters loyalty as “the quality of being true and faithful in one’s support of somebody or something”. Nuttall’s Standard Dictionary (London) explains the word as “devotion and fidelity to a trust, a principle, a superior, etc.